The 4 Most Surprising Poker Techniques You’re Not Using

Poker Techniques

There is a wide range of poker moves that you must learn to be at a “professional” level. And professional in quotes because going from an amateur level to fighting in tournaments can happen, but becoming a professional in the literal sense of the word is very complicated. But once you have the basics established, and you have even advanced a little more, there are some poker techniques that you are not using and could help you.

Using these techniques to play poker better without knowing the basics would be starting the house on the roof. Even with a good base and already with good results, it would be interesting to look and consult the advanced strategies to take your level one step further. With these tips we do not guarantee that you will reach a professional level, but we do ensure that your poker technique will be much better. You will improve a lot by applying all this and you will have a great time if you like this game. Let’s go there?

A register of hands

Poker is a game of information, and to have it, it is not enough to analyze the data at all times. Having long-term information available will take your game to the next level and you will be much more professional. Interpreting the data well will be a world, but a first step to establish advanced poker techniques is to have it.

Especially if you play at more than one table, access the record as soon as you’re done and write down in an excel those interesting hands, from which you want to draw conclusions. The more you bet on this technique, the more profiled you will have it. Take data by hand, decisions made that you are interested in ‘tracking’ and the results. In the long term, you will be able to do mini-studies.

Poker Techniques: Check Your Game And Modify Patterns

Modify Patterns

Do you want to know whether to go up with A-10? You can look at online guides on which hands to enter with, or you can review your previous performances. See what has happened the times you carried this hand, observe how you have acted and what results you have obtained. From there, you will be able to draw many conclusions, which will surely be more adapted to you than guides that you can find on the Internet.

“Whenever I call AK I lose” may be a common perception. But you might expect to win 100% of the time, and only win 80% or 90% of the time and have the perception that something is wrong, but it really isn’t.

Data, a reassuring elixir

Regarding the previous point, taking data can be one of the poker techniques that best shields your game. You could be making good decisions, but don’t have them all with you. Or, on the other hand, you could be making bad decisions and not be aware of it. Imagine, for example, that with a mediocre hand, you win a few hands. You could have the impression that you are doing very well, and it is not.

As we have already told you on several occasions, decisions in poker can be very counterintuitive, since you could be betting on a draw, or to limit a rival’s draw. In this sense, having data could serve to reassure you.

Try different playing styles identify your best poker techniques

different playing styles

Don’t know whether to play more aggressive or more passive? You may have a very defined style, or you may not be clear about how you like to play. If you are lucky enough to be able to change your poker style at will, it is a very good time to try and decide based on the results which poker strategy suits you best.

If, on the other hand, you are already a very experienced player with set guidelines, but you feel like trying it, nobody is stopping you from doing so. You are going to have fun! If you do these tests, it never hurts to use welcome bonuses or other offers to avoid losses while doing this or other tests.

Do these tips seem exaggerated? Probably for a good part of players they are. If you’re someone who just wants to have a good time playing poker, you probably don’t need it. But we are also convinced that many of you who read us are going for more. In this case, at what professional level do you use data to improve business performance? Well, there would be no reason why it wouldn’t work out well in poker.

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