The poker boom or sports betting?

poker boom

Poker as a medicine would be an exciting; if lust were a disease; if pandemonium were a dance; a food, dark chocolate; animal, a snake; a car? A Rolls Royce with wings; a painting, the Mona Lisa, even if C.M.Coolidge wants to bluff us. What if he was one of us? Surely she would accompany that man in a suit with a red tie and a green apple on her face, she would not be separated from him and would go on his right hand. Since all these years poker has been his briefcase.

It has not been reinvented, nor has it been destroyed, it has simply been transformed, and this gambling game follows the laws of science. Converted into a business, it has managed to fill many briefcases, to the point that it was very difficult to close them. Without great risk, everyone who has known how to play his cards well has been able to taste a piece of the cake.

Has the king lost the charm of him?

 king lost the charm

Easy, fun, fast and addictive, online poker has spread an adrenaline rush that has taken prisoners all over the world. The big question now comes: has this been all, has that “boom” ended? It would be a good theory to take refuge in, but like all mass idols, poker has also had girlfriends and opponents. The cool wife and the one he always goes with is the casino. The old, divorced and rich, whom we have all seen naked. Scorsese has already shown us how it works and made it clear that very, very inside it is where the tickets are.

She has the money, no one doubts that, but poker is not a keep either. That great black widow that is the casino, with almost inexhaustible credits, her own cities where she is the law, money to the rhythm of the “look, look look”, she has known how to find a good boyfriend and house him in her living room. Benefits and benefits of these poker rooms, both virtual and live, created a new world and a population that fed on them. And it is that “a dollar earned in the game is twice as sweet as a dollar earned with your salary” (Paul Newman, the color of money). “money won is twice as sweet as money earned”.

Arrived at this point; Why refuse to fragment the business? The crowd is becoming more demanding, the people who go to the Roman betting circus are not conformists. As in other sectors, diversification plays a leading role in this story of courtships. So much so that sportsbetting has become the svelte young contender. Turned into Prince Charming and mounted on a horse, they destroy wherever they go. Its ease and reimbursement are key to filling briefcases faster than many of its predecessors. But this does not mean that the poker boom is over. If Walter Matthau hadn’t met Jack Lemon, this incredible couple would never have been able to make anyone laugh. What fascinates some, leaves others indifferent. As a good friend of mine says, there is fun in variety; and that is the principle to be applied in this case. Novelty always equates a lot of attention, and especially if it’s backed by majestic investment and a superb marketing strategy. Sports betting ranges from Cristiano Ronaldo to Mohit Chandiramani (cricketer) to Ascot hats; Now that’s variety!

Now comes the time to take stock. Poker is not a simple bet, it does not have a fixed time, it needs development, the player may never get tired of it, since online poker itself is NOT a bet. The entertainment produced by playing a game is directly proportional to the hours we can spend playing it. The sportsbetting do not have that degree of entertainment, although due to their good manners and popularity they get fans very quickly.

What about the attractiveness?


The bets are successful and easy, but… are they attractive?

I remember those long Sunday afternoons hoping to catch a million in my poker room, to whiz out into the open sea on the yacht I was going to buy myself the next day. Now that was attractive! Not a combi, not a banker, not a trixie, not a sure bet. With this, friends, the investment risk in my pocket is proportional to sleeping under a bridge if I intend to buy the 32-meter sailboat the next day.

Of course I am an ROI man; and if this is the final judgment of online poker, I have already chosen a site, I sit on the jury.

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