Athletic Barcelona bets: Forecast of the day

Athletic Barcelona

Athletic Barcelona bets are one of the most special in La Liga. They may not be a classic, a derby or just a match between the first swords of the competition, but it does not always happen that two teams that have always been in the highest category face each other. Enjoy the best predictions for Athletic Barcelona!

In addition, this year the Athletic Barcelona bets come at a time of high relevance in the competition. The locals need to add 3 by 3 if they want their League to be in European zones, and not stagnate in the middle of the table, while the Catalans would see their comfort in the lead compromised if they do not win. Barcelona arrives after losing away from home by the minimum, but until then they had chained 4 victories by the minimum.

The data is not bad for Athletic either, without convincing, with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in their last 5 league games. The forecasts for Athletic Barcelona point to a tight game with high motivation on both sides. Barcelona arrives with some regularity (with 2 setbacks) away from home, but Xavi’s men have the challenge of achieving a solvent victory away from the Camp Nou.

Athletic Barcelona predictions: A true classic

Athletic Barcelona predictions

With the last games present, we see that Barcelona is a favourite, but by the minimum. If you want to place bets on Athletic Barcelona this season, don’t miss out on the best odds.

Athletic Barcelona bets: Tight match with few goals

In the last 5 Athletic Barcelona, we have seen two Barca victories (3 of them by the minimum), two draws and a local victory. With these statistics on the table, we see how the bets on Athletic Barcelona could impute difficulties for Xavi’s team due to the field factor. These are some of the most relevant data:

  • 2 of the last 3 games were a tie had 2 goals or less, the other 2-3
  • Of 5 games, 4 draws and victories by the minimum
  • In 10 games, 2 local victories, 5 visitors and 3 draws
  • In 4 of 5 direct games, and 8 of 10, 2 goals or less
  • 8 goals in the last 3 games, 10 in 5, and 20 in 10

The field factor will take special relevance in statistics. There have only been two editions in which the Catalans have won this game with solvency, all other games with 2 goals or less, victories by the minimum or draws, and rarely scoring both (except in the last two years). What does seem rare is a local victory, which has only occurred 1 time in 3 years, and 2 in the last 10.

Athletic Barcelona statistics in the last days

Barcelona has shown great solvency away from home so far this season, but without knocking out any rival. We see how Xavi’s men have won 10 of 12 away games, but the last 7 victories have been by the minimum. As a merit, the Catalans have only conceded 2 goals in the last 5 games, with a clean sheet in 7 of the total games. Different are the statistics of the locals, who in only 2 games have already seen as many goals as in the last 6 for Barcelona.

As statistics for Athletic Barcelona, the Basques have had an average of 4 goals per game in the last 3, less than 2 for Barcelona, but the data decreases to 5 games seen: 3 goals per game for Athletic by 1, 4 from Barcelona. The locals have scored in two consecutive games, while Barcelona have conceded in 2 of 3.



Last result Athletic Barcelona 1-1

The last match between the two teams ended in a 1-1 draw at San Mamés, one of the most frequent outcomes in this confrontation. Iñigo Martínez Berridi put the locals ahead at the start of the second half, in the 50th minute, and Memphis Depay put the equalizer in the spotlight in the 75th minute. As an anecdote, Eric García saw the red card in the 93rd minute.

  • 16 shots from Athletic to 9 from Barcelona
  • 7 to 3 in shots between the 3 sticks
  • Possession from 68% for locals to 32%
  • 15 fouls committed to 10
  • 13 local corners for 2 visitors
  • 1-2 on yellow cards

As the data from the last game also reflects, an Athletic Barcelona game is always an even match. For very little difference it can be settled with a local, visitor or draw victory, but in 80% of the cases it is a tight result. Do not miss it!

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