Round of 16 predictions: The Champions League gets serious

Round of 16 predictions

The months of February and March arrive and spring is getting closer. With this, the most outstanding phases of the Champions League always arrive, and therefore the forecasts for the round of 16 of the Champions League are once again the most demanded. We enter the top 16 of European teams and things get serious, take a seat and write down all the data to bet on the Champions League.

A total of 16 games (8 roundtrip) will make the selection between the 8 best clubs in Europe, which will go to the quarterfinals. A curious year for fans of Spanish football, since only Real Madrid remains in the competition. Barcelona and Sevilla have fallen, reaching the Europa League in 3rd place, while Atlético has fallen to 4th place… now you will know what the Champions League Round of 16 predictions say about them!

But beyond the disappointment of the teams in the Spanish League, the Premier is the leader with the permission of the Bundesliga, with 4 aspiring teams each. They are followed by Serie A with 3 teams, by two Portuguese teams, another Belgian and one from the French League. Let’s go to the Champions League forecasts!

  • The best Champions League predictions for the round of 16
  • Second day of the Champions round of 16

These are the best matches of the second round of the Champions League round of 16:

Real Madrid v Liverpool F.C.

Madrid did not surprise and prevailed 2-5 in the idea, leaving a result that leaves the tie facing. Without going any further, to come back the English would need a result that they have never achieved against the whites, much less at the bernabéu. In addition, Liverpool does not arrive at its best moment, although it has been able to partially recover the path of victory in the Premier League. Taking a look at the history, we see how (in addition to the victory in the final), the whites have won 3-1 in their two home games against their rival.

  • Madrid win @2.03
  • Over 2.5 goals @1.50

FC Porto v Inter Milan

FC Porto v Inter Milan

Inter won but did not close the tie in the first leg, which forces them to go all out in the second leg. In the last 5 games, we have seen 3 victories for Inter (2 of them by the minimum), one for Porto and a tie, but…the tie was precisely in Portugal! In addition, the Italians arrive sowing doubts in the local league, where they have lost 2 of the last 3 games, although Porto is not there to get excited either, with 2 of 4 victories.

  • Inter win @2.70
  • Under 2.5 goals @1.83

Manchester City v RB Leipzig

Everything open in this Champions League round of 16 match. After the 1-1 draw in the first leg, the English have won all their games, with 6 goals in favor and without conceding, with a very solid defensive behavior. But for its part, Leipzig has not done badly at all, it has simply lost a game against a powerful rival like Borussia Dortmund, winning another two games. City cannot fail at home if they want to face their way to the final of the European top.

  • City win @1.36
  • City win and both score @2.30

SSC Napoli v Eintracht Frankfurt

SSC Napoli v Eintracht Frankfurt

Solvency victory for Napoli in the first leg, which they will simply need to fulfill now at home if they want to be a contender to win the Champions League. For their part, the Germans do not arrive at their best moment to surprise, since they have not won any game since then. Specifically, they have tied two games and won one, with an average of 3 goals per game. For its part, Napoli have won 4 of their last games 2-0, with a 0-1 defeat by the minimum against Lazio.

  • Napoli win without conceding @2.45
  • Napoli win @1.53

How to hit my round of 16 bets?

On paper it would be very easy to determine who will be in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, but there is still a small detail missing… let the games be played! As you already know, in each edition of the Champions League there are surprises, so we recommend our safe betting to avoid scares and disappointments. Let’s go there!

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